Our Approach To Carbon Disclosure in 2023
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Our Approach To Carbon Disclosure

We implement a rigorous data integrity process that provides our clients with assurance-level outputs that enable forward target setting and minimse risk.

Navigating the Complexity of Carbon Emissions, Carbon Disclosure in 2023

The process of measuring Carbon emissions can appear straightforward at first glance, but when organisations begin to grapple with the many sources of carbon within their operations, aggregating those inputs can become quite tricky. We are experts, not only at collating data and producing water-tight, regulatory-compliant emissions reports, but also at guiding clients through what can be a journey up the carbon emissions maturity curve.

Many organisations are building carbon measurement tools, but most fail to meet clients where they are today, and struggle to add value to an organisation’s ability to make forward looking decisions about CAPEX investment or divestiture. Our work, our tools, and thus our approach is centred on enabling client capabilities, reducing risk, and unlocking future potential.

Simplify Carbon Emissions Measurement: Our 5 Step Trusted Approach

  • Minimise greenwashing risk
  • Facilitate forward-looking plan
  • Satisfy regulatory and framework compliance

1 Carbon Disclosure Project Scoping and Requirements

Understanding what an organisation’s needs are will enable us to design the most effective emissions measurement programme. Different organisations have varying aspirations for the use of their carbon measurement. Whether you are trying to set a Net-Zero 2050 target, or wish to sign up to a framework organization like PRI or SBTi, knowing what the long-term goal is and having externally validated emissions measurements are essential.

Carbon Disclosure Project Scoping and Requirements
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2 Data Collection And Validation

Carbon Responsible’s custom enterprise tools enable our clients to seamlessly provide us with their data, either via our online portal tool or via offline excel templates. Data collection is standard across the Carbon Accounting market, but verifying incoming data streams and providing clients with advice on how best to design ongoing reporting systems for forward year measurement, helps set Carbon Responsible apart. Our data validation process provides security for our clients who can now speak with confidence about their emissions.

Data Collection And Validation
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3 Report Generation

Once data has been verified and meets our rigorous quality standards, we are able to proceed with report generation. All our standard reporting meets regulatory compliance hurdles in the UK, including SECR reporting. Our reports have also been used to satisfy compliance with multiple other regulating bodies (SFDR, SBTi, NZAMI, PRI, B Corp, etc.) Our clients receive data workbooks along with our reporting, so that they have an audit trail that can be provided to external authorities.

Report Generation
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4 Target Setting, Regulatory Submissions, etc.

Target setting is where every organisation wants to arrive when embarking on an emissions measurement journey. But being able to confidently articulate a Net-Zero emissions target that won’t get hamstrung by greenwashing allegations requires a robust baseline and a data audit trail. Over the past two years, many organisations have begun to realise that reducing emissions is trickier than anticipated, and that setting targets without proper measurement firstly means you don’t know where you’re headed, but equally it opens you up to regulatory and brand risk.

Target Setting, Regulatory Submissions, etc.
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5 Ongoing Data Governance & Support

Most of the difficult work, organizationally, should take place in the first year of measurement. Standing up reporting streams and setting targets are both activities that should generate efficiencies in future years as we head into a measurement run state. Our hope is that these activities become second nature to organisations. Carbon Responsible typically stays engaged with clients after our initial reporting to help monitor reporting streams, issue new compliance reports in future years and track progress toward emissions reductions targets.

Ongoing Data Governance & Support
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