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FAQs, guides, and articles to assist with your journey to net zero.

Image: Carbon dioxide molecules floating in the sky.

A Guide to the Science Based Targets Initiative

Science based targets - what they are, how to achieve them, and key considerations in doing so.

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A practical guide to Scope 3

A guide to the what, why and how of Scope 3 for complete carbon reporting.

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An Introduction to Carbon Offsets

An introductory guide to carbon offsets: how they work, what they are designed to do, and their use in emissions management.

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Can We Plant Our Way to Net Zero?

The realities of carbon sequestration through tree planting.

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Carbon Emissions – An Investor View

A brief exploration of key trends around investors' increasing activism on climate change which bring urgency to emissions management.

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Carbon Responsible API – An Overview

Guide to our API and developer documentation.

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Photo: Solar panel on roof. Credit: Marufish (Flickr)

Creating a Practical Cost-Driven Net Zero Action Plan

Examples of no-cost, low-cost and high-cost measures businesses can take on their journey to net zero.

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These FAQs are designed to help a company understand its reporting obligations, if any, and what is required.

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Guide to Implementing a Corporate Emissions Plan

This overview is designed for companies considering an emissions plan, with an overview of what is needed.

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How Carbon Emissions Are Measured

An explanation of how carbon emissions are measured from core company activity data, methodology and use of conversion factors.

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How Green is a Green Electricity Tariff?

An overview of the types, standards, and limits of green tariffs.

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Introdution to TCFD

Reporting a company’s climate-related risks and opportunities following the TCFD recommendations

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Is Carbon Neutral Still Relevant in a Net Zero World?

Exploring the benefits and risks of carbon neutral to business.

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Radiative Forcing of Air Travel

What it is and why we do not account for it at Carbon Responsible

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Reducing Service Sector Emissions Impact

An overview of the key areas and approaches to reduction of emissions in service sector companies.

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The Increasing Risks of Greenwashing

The importance of substantiating environmental action statements.

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