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Carbon Responsible's strength lies within blending expert carbon emissions measurement services with commercially relevant experience. Our day-to-day team are agile, dedicated, and focused carbon professionals who can leverage our set of seasoned advisors to advance decarbonisation strategies.

We meet our clients where they are along their journey towards sustainability and recognise that the motivations and abilities of clients differ. We also recognise that the size and complexity of the organisations we work with varies greatly, and so must our response to serve those organisations.


Nigel Greenhalgh

Programme Director

Nigel is a professionally qualified programme manager and director with over 35 years’ experience working for both clients and contractors on a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, water and telecommunications projects as well as rail, underground and light rail projects, both nationally and internationally.

His understanding of complex projects provides a strategic overview of the business case and set-up to ensure that the goals and requirements are developed and delivered, using the complete ‘Life Cycle’. Promoting an integrated project/delivery team, including the client / funders, as required, will help to ensure the correct capacity, skills, and competences. This requires a joint vision, as well as an agreed governance and communication structure.

Having worked on a wide variety of projects, in the private and public sectors, with developers, consultants, councils, and infrastructure companies, both in the UK and abroad, he understands the need to set up a simple but robust process and structure to ensure that the programme and milestone deadlines are achieved.

Nigel recognises the need for independent advice and monitoring to give the client confidence that the project is in line with projections, both programme and cost, and that the risks are fully understood and being managed transparently.

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Erica Vilkauls

Retail Strategy Advisor

Erica is the former CEO of LK Bennet, and an industry leader within the fashion and retail industries for the past three decades. Erica brings deep experience in translating brand vision into commercial success and has orchestrated multiple turnaround efforts through the digitisation of brick-and-mortar retail operations. Erica has also worked extensively with startup brands, helping to bring new product ranges and brands from inception to market viability.

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